1. I don’t remember when or how this idea popped in my head—it might have been on the road? I don’t remember, anymore.

    I’ve been waiting to write this book and to motivate me, I sketched this out a month ago, but every time I gave it some thought, the story got more and more complicated. After figuring out a good jumping-off point to begin the outline stage, I finally got around the painting it in.

    "Noah in space" isn’t the title, just the elevator pitch, and I’m sure it’ll be my next big long-term project.

  2. Last year, I photographed men photographing flowers. This year, there were a bunch of kids on a field trip so I took photos celebrating the Garden workers.

    Thank you, guys, for making it beautiful.

  3. Cougar in a Tree, 2014. Series

    I thought it’d be great if people were encouraged to take flash photography of a painting, but not because they didn’t know how to turn off the flash settings, but because they’d get another dimension of the painting that they can’t get otherwise.

    Anyway, in this series are animals getting caught in the night. I’m not entirely happy with the painting itself, I might go and redo the three I did, but I like how the eyes glow from a phone flash.

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    Further reading (with a bonus gif): Animals in the Night 2

  4. Peacocks, 2014. Series

    Flamingos and Ostriches

  5. Buffalo, NY
    July 10, 2013

    Buffalo, NY, started three things: Buffalo wings, Buffalo Bills and Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency.

    Understandably, these three things can keep a Quora writer busy.

    "Why are they called Buffalo Wings?" asks a nationally-televised Jessica Simpson. Because they originated in Buffalo, NY

    "Why are they called the Bills?" I asked, while researching team names for my 2013 MNF Prediction Paintings. Because fans love a good historical reference despite having zero ties with the Buffalo Bill Cody.

    "Why did Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency start in Buffalo?" asks a history test somewhere, probably. Because Teddy was sworn in at the nearby Ansley Wilcox House immediately after McKinley died from a gunshot.

    I didn’t plan on taking the Teddy Roosevelt Inauguration House tour, but I guess when you’re on a 50-state road trip and you happen upon your favorite president’s inauguration site, you should swing in.

    And honestly, I didn’t plan on eating at the birthplace of Buffalo wings, either, but when’s the next time I’m going to be in Buffalo?

    When the Texans play the Bills in a Conference Final game, perhaps.

    So there it is, as I leave my seventh state asking why people call New York their home, these three things call New York home because location, location, location and the residents of Buffalo, known as Buffalonians.

    Later in the trip, I visit the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Iowa, look at a real buffalo in the eyes in Wyoming, and look at a giant head of Theodore Roosevelt in the eyes in South Dakota, but first, we still the South and Atlantic Coast to finish.

  6. Niagara Falls, NY to Cleveland, OH via Buffalo, NY
    July 10, 2013

    I told my mom I’d let her know everyday where I was headed and when I’d get there, so when I told my mom I was headed from Niagara Falls to Cleveland, she called me on the road to warn me about the upcoming storm and how to drive in rainy conditions.

    That’s when an officer pulled me over for talking on the telephone while driving.

    I tried to explain the irony to the cop, but got the first of many tickets on this trip instead.

    Who would’ve thought? It figures.

  7. Niagara Falls, NY
    July 9, 2013

    Ray, my host for the night, suggested a couple places for me to eat while in town: The Silo, featured in Man V Food, used to be a silo on the river and The Why, named after the YMCA next door.

    Both restaurants have a pretty literal name—even the Twist o’ the Mist is shaped like the food it serves. And if you zoom out a little bit on Google Maps, the city is named after the second biggest attraction, only second to the Rainbow Bridge (or is it the other way around?).

    The whole city, it seems, gives their businesses obvious names. And in a time where the city’s fallen on tough economic times, a little honesty is what we need.

    Ray lived in NYC for several years. He rattled of ad agency letters like JWT and Y&R and when I asked him if he was in advertising, he said MIS.

    As he grows older, Ray finds himself inching closer and closer to Canada. Perhaps it’s because his family’s there. Or maybe it’s because fresh fallen snow Niagara Falls is gorgeous. Or maybe because with a name like Ray, he was destined to be in the same city as the biggest attraction in the city (or is it second?).

  8. Ostriches, 2014. Series.

    Previously: Flamingos

  9. Flamingos, 2014. Series.

    I said I wasn’t going to name this series “Flocking With My Cliqué,” (I’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye West recently) but I think I’m going to stick with Flock.