1. I had a hard time fitting the words into the shape of Texas, so I thought, “This poster would’ve been a lot easier had I lived in Wyoming for 24 years.”

    And then I thought, “Yeah, but then I would’ve had to live in a Wyoming-shaped state for 24 years.”

    Thank God I’m Texan.
    I made this poster cause I miss a lot of things in Texas. It doesn’t fall in the order presented, of course, except for friends and family part, and even with that, I love them both equally.

    I’m looking to put it in the Gift Shop some time. I’d also like to get it screen printed. So look forward to that as soon as I find someone who knows what they’re doing.
    Special thanks to my roommates, copyrapper and coffeebite for some contributions.
    Update (3/28): Thanks to interest due to genuine Texas pride (yeehaw), I was made aware of the mistakes in the poster like three repeated items and a bad grammatical error. Now if there was only an interest from a screen printer to hook a brother up.

    Update (5/7): The final poster can be seen here, just contact me nh@nathanhoang.com for purchasing details.

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    nailed it
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    Fuck Dallas and the complete retard that made this.
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    This is a beautiful work of art that needs to be displayed at MoMA IMMEDIATELY. (FYI, I live about 1/2 a mile away from...
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    and then you realize that George W. Bush lives there.
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